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Pixel Trix

Add Pixel Trix to your arsenal of image processing filters.  Filters that can add serious buzz and interest to your posts.

Pixeltrix's sharing inegrates its capabilities with all your other Android image apps.  Quickly pass images images thru to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Picsay, and numerous other apps.

What kind of things can you do with Pixel Trix?  The layering capabilities of the filters and randomization can create unique and interesting effects on your photos.  From creating additional interest to completely abstracting your picture into a piece of art, Pixel Trix has incredible versitility.

For limited time the app is available free for Beta testing.  Following the Beta, the app will be available on Google Play.  The Google Play paid version will contain additional filters beyond the Beta version and get regular updates and improvements.

Beta Program:
The beta apk file, available here, has the following caveats:
  1. we ask that posts to social media contain hashtags for #pixeltrix and/or the specific filters used.
  2. to monitor quality of output and to deliver required improvements, anonymous server side saving of images saved or posted is requested:
a) none of the images saved will be rebroadcast without user consent
b) images will be disposed of following the beta completion
c) this uses data connection.  If not connected, no data will be sent.  Pictures are sent with high compression
d) users may be contacted for consent to use images found useful for instruction or to highlight the apps capabilities

In addition to these beta specific points, both the beta and the paid app will make use of anonymous Google analytics and bug tracking to help improve the app and features.  Basically we just want to ensure that the app is performing well and provides features users find helpful and cool!

Quick explanation of tools is available here --    Pixel Trix

Experiment with what can be done!  Just a few examples of Trix are given here:

This Trix uses a backlit leaf picture, uses the structure and electrotrace filers:
Original -- Structure -- Electrotrace

This Trix takes a flower picture, unwraps it, creates a mosaic and wraps it back:
Original -- Droopify -- Mosaic -- Wrap