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Privacy Policy

monkeys&typewriters takes your privacy seriously.  We don't like the idea of making money off of your personal data, and so we don't.  We do like to make apps you want to use and enjoy.
what we don't do:
We don't access your identity or email addresses.  We hate those apps and websites that make you sign up to use them.
We don't make any attempt to identify you or data mine your stuff.  We like coding apps and making cool tools for devices.
what we do do:
We do want to provide you with quality apps that meet your needs.  Apps that work for you help us because you tell your friends and we get more downloads.
Analytics - This lets us know how often people use particular features of an app, and how often.  This helps us focus on features that you are more likely to appreciate.
UUID's -  Some of our apps use a UUID (unique device id).  UUID's do not contain personal information.  The UUID we generate for you looks like ffffffff??????????????, and it is a mashup of device ID, sim serial number (not your phone number!), and an Android ID.  This is useful when storing data specifically for you on servers.
Server side information - Some apps require data to be available on our servers to generate results.  This data is temporarily stored on our servers.  Depending on the size of the data and the results created, this data might be stored between several minutes to several days.  Whatever the data, only your device knows the specific filename to access and no other device will be able to access from it's app.  Some apps may allow you to share with the app's community.  Data shared this way, if you choose to share, will be stored on our servers for an indefinite period up to monkeys&typewriters discretion.
Social media - while our apps may provide access to share data with social app/websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we don't store your login info.  We provide a portal thru their respective API framework.  We may store on your device thumbnails of friends, etc. to speed up your experience, but you can delete this data at any time by clearing your app cache (your app may act a little more slow in this case).  This data is not stored anywhere other than your device.