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PixelTrix Beta available now for trial period
4/14/2012 10:24:11 AM
Monkeys & Typewriters are proud to offer their new app, PixelTrix, for free for a limited trial period.

PixelTrix is an image filter app that can create buzz for your posts with interesting image effects.  The layering capability allows for thousands of potential results ranging from subtle to extreme.

Get your copy now, available for a limited time only.  After the beta test, the app will be availabel for purchase on Google Play.  Proceeds from the sales go to Charity:Water!

For installation from outside Google Play, you'll have to change settings: Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources.  Once complete, select the downloaded apk file to install.

BubbleStat -- New LiveWallpaper
1/29/2011 1:57:57 PM

Monkeys&Typewriters are proud to present BubbleStat, a generative LiveWallpaper that uses your phone system status to create a changing wallpaper.  Bubblestat uses information like battery charge, lighting, temperature, memory, SD card use, and on-phone storage to create a changing background for your Android Phone.  Pick from 10 different color schemes and 5 texture options to create a unique LiveWallpaper for your phone!

Word Clock Pro released
12/24/2010 9:17:22 PM

Word Clock Pro has been released on the Android Market for $0.99.  It expands the content of the free Word Clock Wallpaper:

Adds several new LED colors to the options.
Six Font styles options
Same options available in widget format, in a 2X2 widget size.

Word Clock Pro Live Wallpaper alternate font Word Clock Pro Widget
Mix Mate v1.0 in Android Market!
12/16/2010 10:12:49 PM
Artists and would be Da Vinci's can now use their smart phone's camera to assist in the mixing of colors.  Users can input their tubes and let the app calculate a combination of available colors to get there.

Available on the Android market now!

A quick how-to:

The Mix Mate Palette

Upcoming Apps
12/12/2010 6:26:53 PM
Mix Mate painter tool and Word Clock Widget coming soon
Word Clock LiveWallpaper for Android
12/7/2010 5:44:45 PM
A word clock to dress up your home screen!  Based on the popular Arduino Word Clock from drj113 @ Instructables:

Clock updates in five minute increments. 

Android 2.1 or better required for live wallpapers.

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